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Pregnancy Chiropractor

Did You Know? Chiropractic Care is Safe for Both Mom & Baby

Dr. Sas provides comprehensive chiropractic care and services, for expecting moms in the St. Louis, Missouri area at Gateway Chiropractic.

Reduces Sickness

A healthy immune system helps keeps away sickness from mom and baby.

Developmental Issues

We help your growing baby reach and maintain optimum health until birth and beyond.

Pregnancy & Baby

Routine  adjustments can make a pregnancy less painful.

Pain Relief

Chiropractic care helps reduce the daily pains of pregnancy.

Learn How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit You & Your Baby.

Gateway Chiropractic Looks Forward to Joining Your Experience to Motherhood.

Pregnancy Care Q & A

Can chiropractic care help keep pregnant moms and babies healthy?

Yes, Dr. Sas treats pregnant women to relieve a lot of the discomfort and misalignment that is part of pregnancy. Pregnancy causes a lot of distortion of the spinal column and increases pressure on the joints. Being able to relieve pain and other symptoms caused by pregnancy and postpartum issues helps women enjoy being pregnant without the pain. Dr. Sas promotes a whole-patient style of care and treatment for pregnancy issues that helps restore greater health, decrease nerve pressure, and improve joint alignment.

Words From Happy Gateway Chiropractic Patients

I have seen many chiropractors since college in effort to fix a few different issues, and Dr Sas is the ONLY one who sat down and created a full treatment plan AND TOLD ME ABOUT IT. Personally, I like to know what’s going on when a Dr is treating me, and he has always been very transparent in my care plan. After 6 years I can finally cross my legs sitting down again, and it keeps getting better.

Meagan Woodruff

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I had A LOT of irrational anxiety about getting chiropractic work done. But Dr. Sas was very down-to-earth and didn’t feed me any b.s. He understood my anxiety, but made sure that I understood he was in this with me and for me. After 4 months, he is now one of my most favorite humans and I look forward to our visits. Oh, and I guess it’s probably important to note that his treatments are actually helping me. So, there’s that.

T Spencer

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Dr Sas is amazing!! I went from having back pain daily to being symptom free after about a month in his care. I have seen other chiropractors before and I can’t say enough about how great Dr Sas is compared to the competition. His office staff is incredibly nice and knows everyone by name. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone and everyone to go see Dr Sas at Gateway Chiropractic!

Alex Zarrick

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